Benefits of Vehicle Immobilization


Unlike writing tickets or towing, the high visibility of an immobilized vehicle deters other potential parking violators. The immobilization of the vehicle is a firm but fair reminder from the property management that the parking rules will be enforced.


Reduced illegal parking due to the strong visual deterrent value of the boot equals more revenue at the meters and an increase in monthly parking passes purchased.


Labor costs can be greatly reduced due to the restructuring of payroll. Unpaid parking fees will be collected without the requirement of manually writing tickets and paying a collection agency to recover the unpaid parking fees. The customary parking fee will be paid to the parking operator by the booting company for each booted vehicle collected on. The result is 100% paid parking at no cost to you.


The presence of parking enforcers on the lots clearly reduces the occurrence of criminal actions including attendant impersonation, burglary, and random acts of violence on the property. All suspicious activity is immediately reported to the local police department. This additional security creates a positive parking experience for your paying customers.


Immobilization is more reasonable and less invasive to the parking violator than towing. The vehicle is left intact and unmoved, which allows for on-site dispute resolution where the violation occurred. Boot removal fees are far less expensive than towing and impound fees. Upon payment of the boot removal fee, the vehicle is immediately available to its owner. Locating your vehicle at an impound lot and finding means to retrieve it can be quite costly and time consuming.